Legal practitioners contentious business report 2010 chevrolet

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Regulation of the legal profession in the United Arab Emirates: overview

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Paul Walker

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Legal Practitioners (Supreme Court) (Contentious Business) Report (c)The daily rates set out in the table below are intended to cover all work done on a hearing or trial day, whether in or out of court, including preparation of written submissions and are not intended to be supplemented in any way by additional hourly charges given that.

(2) any contentious work associated with a deceased estate which can be properly chargeable under the provisions of the Legal Practitioners (Supreme Court) (Contentious Business) Determination published in the Government Gazette on 29 June or any subsequent determination in substitution for, or by way of variation to the same; for.

(2) The District Court other than contentious business to which the Legal Practitioners (District Court Appeals) (Contentious Business) Determination applies.

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(b) This Determination does not apply to the remuneration of law practices based on a written agreement as to costs under the Legal Profession Act or any successor legislation.

LEGAL PROFESSION (SUPREME COURT) (CONTENTIOUS BUSINESS) REPORT in respect of advice given by legal practitioners in respect of contentious business carried out by legal practitioners in or for the purposes of.


Legal practitioners contentious business report 2010 chevrolet
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