Bt business report faulty line

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BT Global Services loses chief, issues profit warning

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Faulty BT line at home - is it my fault or are they pulling a fast one?

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Noisy phone line - getting BT to sort it out

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Our candidates policy does not affect your supporting rights. TOTU BT-2 V Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Music Stereo Sports Headset - Red: MP3 Players & Accessories. How do I report a fault if my phone is not working?

How do I report a fault if my land line phone is not working? The BT website seems to assume that at the very least the broadband line is working but this is often not the case.

BT Smart Hub

Jun 20,  · BT "activated" the line with a new number, except it didnt work, no dial tone, no outgoing or incoming calls (although people calling were getting a ringing tone); the only thing that worked was the BT. Make it your business; Grasp the next rung of the career ladder.

To not pay BT (23 Posts) Add message | Report. My phone company had to fight BT to come repair the line as they refused to make it an emergency repair as my house was the only one affected. I'll never go with BT. A damning report from Ofcom in February says Openreach had 'an incentive' to favour BT customers over other firms.

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Jeanette Littley, 74, contacted BT to try to block nuisance calls on her landline. Nov 16,  · Same here I was under the impression anything inside the customers premises if found to be the fault was chargeable (excluding faulty modems & routers) and anything ouside the premises the ISP picks up the bill.

Bt business report faulty line
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