Bbc world business report 2009 toyota

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Toyota to pay $3 billion for deadly defect cover-up

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Mar 08,  · BBC World World Business Report Jan 4 Chinese Railways China bought 60 highspeed trains from Germany and is expected to buy 60 more from Japan in the coming year as part of an ambitious plan to.

Toyota is recalling million vehicles globally, including 35, in the UK, over five separate issues. Some million vehicles are being recalled to replace a spiral cable attached to the.

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Business How Drones Have Transformed Disaster Relief. Produced by Wired Brand Lab for AT&T When the unexpected happens, being connected is paramount. On the 16 Decemberit was announced that Subaru would no longer be competing in the World Rally Championships, due to the issues with the current global economic crisis, combined with the prospect of a car which still needed development for the season and.

Toyota recalled 12 million vehicles worldwide in and as the scandal spread and tarnished its once stellar reputation. US attorney-general Eric Holder said Toyota's conduct was "shameful".

Bbc world business report 2009 toyota
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